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What is Naomi's Village?


  Naomi’s Village is a children’s home in Kenya, Africa that focuses on bringing wholeness through Christ to children who have been lost and forgotten by the world.  All the children who live at Naomi’s Village have been adopted by the founders, Bob and Julie Mendonsa.  Their vision is to raise up and educate the future leaders of Kenya.  The Mendonsas feel real, lasting change for Africa will come from within.  They are truly the hands and feet of God here on earth.  Naomi’s Village provides education, spiritual guidance and love for the children which reflects the glory of what God has done for all of us by making us part of His family. Not only does Naomi’s Village minister to the children in their care, they train their children to be missionaries to their nation by aiding those in need in their country and community. For more information about Naomi's village, you can visit their website




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